Wednesday, February 18, 2009

living in shadows..

I'm ... incapable of doing anything...

i started pedalling without a goal...

even without knowing the meaning behind my actions.

i was afraid this whole time.

afraid of not knowing the future.

afraid of not knowing what i wanted to do.

afraid of myself for not knowing what to do.

and i was afraid of the days that were nevertheless flying by mercilessly..


Min said...

嗨朋友, 不知道你发生什么事情导致你那边悲观, 不过老话还是一句, 人生有苦也有甜, 事情如果能解决就处理它吧, 不然就接受再放下, 加油啦!

dyoie said...

may i introduce to u all my friend of this..
graduated from sam tet,
then university malaya.
best student in malaysia, for stpm year 2001..
one of the best in um as well.
dont be that pessy
cheer up :>

bluesoul said...

dyoie is one of my schizopheric pls dun take wat he say seriously :)

naema said...

i know wat u it because the air we breath is the same..gerik lenggong 1 hour apart..haha