Thursday, February 26, 2009

Desperate patient, desperate Dr..

sometimes working in a clinic can really drive u up the wall, with certain "interesting" and greedy patients. Example:

scenario 1:

Dr: auntie, your BP is sky high , have to get admited to hospital ASAP!

Pt: no lah...i didnt sleep well husband pass away last cat was having noises while intercourse...tats y BP today need admit lah..

Dr: i am not asking your permission aunty..u NEED to be admited. or else can get stroke later.

Pt: aiyo..nevermind old oledi.

scenario 2:

Dr: so tats all auntie. cya. next. (outside the door patients were waiting like pasar malam)

Pt: Ar Dr backpain le...then got headache le...then nose my buttock itchy le...then oh..sometimes i get saturday night fever...and joint pain here and there...apa itu...sakit chiku?

Then she continues..

Pt: Dr ah...i want the KK pill (PCM tablets), medicine for joint pain, itchy itchy, headache har...somemore....this and tat and this..

Dr: aiyo auntie u move my pharmacy counter back to your house la. easier like tat.

Pt: aiyo..hahaha.....can ar?

These are the times when i wanna do THIS



Chris said...

Hi, Thanx 4 linking my blog ya.. ;)

suituapui said...

Hope you're not like the doc on duty when I brought my dying 80-year-old auntie to the hospital. He had a form and was asking me all sorts of questions, even, "Does she have her periods?" Good grief! Over 80 years old and she's still having her periods!!!

bluesoul said...

to suituapui:

haha..its not unheard of actually. some dr who r on call may had a terrible call without sleep for more than 24 hours. so with this state of mind, anything is possible. i know cos i been through

naema said...

haha..that is hilarious and that the yew seng i know..haha..a lot of stories with patient that really pissed me and make me lol..move my pharmacy to your house..that's something new to tell my patient..haha..=0