Monday, August 2, 2010

Plugs and Holes

So many holes and so little plugs in place, how to be not leaky? In fact it probably has becoming spurts now rather than droplets..

This is in the news today.


"KUALA LUMPUR: An average of 360 medical officers in public service have resigned yearly since 2005, Deputy Health Minister Datuk Rosnah Rashid Shirlin said.

She said the ministry was aware of the number of resignations and was doing its best to retain the officers through various initiatives, including increasing the number of medical, dentistry and pharmacy graduates in the public service.
"As a result, the number of medical graduates attached to the ministry is expected to increase to 3,793 this year compared to 3,702 last year.
"The number of such graduates was 1,124 in 2006," she told Senator Pau Chiong Ung at the Dewan Negara here Monday......."
Now what is wrong with the above statement? Well the HOLES here obviously refers to the drain of medical officers and other medical professionals away from the country's public service. So now instead of  sealing the holes one by one and thereby reducing the total number of holes, our big bosses up there think its better to create more plugs (increase the number of medical graduates every single year). 
The obvious major disadvantage of this method is of course, U could only create so much plugs from time to time. Not to mention the faster u create these plugs, the worse quality these plugs are. No QC our Protongs. These plugs do not come cheap at all, mind u. We are talking about financing of at least RM 250,000 for each plugs. To produce these plugs, U gotta build more factories (universities and hospitals), which in turn cost millions. At the same time, the holes are getting more and more and bigger in diameter. 
How do u stop the leaking when u have 10 holes and 5 plugs....? Im not just talking about medical professionals in the country, but the whole braindrain situation in the country.


Gratitude said...

Well, I won't be surprised to see Myammarese and Indian docs soon then.

blue said...

@anton: Don't be surprised if u get to choose how hairy the doc that u want to see...from hairless chicken to hairy bears! Such a turnon for u? Hehe...

Gratitude said...
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yinkoon said...

Something Malaysia had again and again failed to acknowledge.

I don't know about medical field but what I see, it is the same in my field aquaculture.

Over pampered Government linked company created the so called 'job opportunities'... even the local private doesn't or unable to offer competitive price.

So there is a lot of reason even for local aquaculture degree holder to look to foreign company.

blue said...

@yinkoon: not sure whats going in aquaculture field, but sounds grim to me .. nevermind, at least we still have fresh shrimps product from u~ :P